September 01, 2014

» Amy Lee on 'Aftermath' and Returning to the Road


The Evanescence frontwoman prepares to step back into the spotlight with a new album


If you thought you’ve heard everything Amy Lee has to say, you probably haven’t been paying attention. During her decade-plus run as the frontwoman (and focal point) of Evanescence,…

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September 01, 2014


Album of the Week  |  Aftermath (Amy Lee feat. Dave Eggar)

A week after the release of this album, I have to say I am very pleased with the work Amy and Dave did. 

It is clearly a departure from the sound that characterized the band and her identity as a solo artist. I think this is just a small sample of her freedom as an artist without the pressure of a label upon her. I rejoice because she was brave enough to show another side and try new things, even though the “demanding” fans she have and who just want the heavy sound of Ev. 

I’m very excited about what might come in the future from Amy and I will be here to support her either as a solo artist or with the band. 

Favorite song with vocals: Lockdown
Favorite instrumentals: Between Worlds and Drifter

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August 30, 2014


Dave Eggar on his Facebook expressing gratitude for listening to Aftermath, and his admiration towards Amy <3

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August 30, 2014


South American Tour :3

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